Somewhere in a notebook, diary, phone notes, or journal we all have come up with a list of things we want to do before we leave this good ole earth. We are literally out here trying to live our best lives; trying new foods, being adventurous, taking chances and making memories in the best way possible.

Now, my bucket list has some stuff I can’t imagine my scary self to even do, but I plan on doing them one day and pray I don’t bail out like a puss lol.

I’m sharing my “bucket list” and would love to see what’s on your list as well! I’m happy to say that I was able to cross off a few 🙂

My Ultimate Bucket List!!

  1. Parasail
  2. Jet Ski
  3. Sky Dive (I’m scared of heights so I don’t even know why I want to risk my life lol)
  4. Attend Mardi Gras
  5. Attend Essence Fest
  6. Become a travel blogger
  7. Try Oysters
  8. Go horseback riding
  9. Go to Memphis and Beale Street
  10. Go to Universal Studios
  11. Visit NYC, and the DMV
  12. Attend or have a boat party
  13. Practice Yoga
  14. Scuba Dive (I should probably learn how to swim first lol)
  15. Take a helicopter ride
  16. Do Flight Roulette (google what this is!)
  17. Do random Acts of Kindness
  18. Ride in an hot air balloon
  19. Visit all 50 states (…seriously)
  20. Be a tourist in my own city, Birmingham, AL
  21. Visit Africa
  22. Participate in a volunteer trip

No matter how small or big your things are, make a list and commit to crossing them off of your list! I mean what is a life without exploring and experiencing?!


Bye Bye 2017… Hello Sweet 2018!

IMG_4188Happy 2018 yall!!! I am so grateful and blessed that I made it to see a new year. I am excited to see what’s gonna happen next in my life. I must say that 2017 was a different year for me. I traveled, I struggled, I took off from work for a few days, I became more honest with myself, and I did things that I *strong emphasis* wanted to do for me with no regrets.

2017 was truly a year that I became more focused on me than any other years and that’s because I hadn’t known who I was. I knew I was tapping into myself once I started to embrace my interests, my flaws, and having all the fun unapologetically. I want to let you guys know what 2017 taught me and how I’m really coming into form! 🙂

  • The Power of NO still stands. Don’t ever be scared or regretful of saying those two words.
  • I traveled wayyy more in one year that I’ve ever done in life
  • I realized that when I started my full time job in 2016 I NEVER called in or took a day off until almost the end of the year. I changed that last year. I used every last hour of my vacation hours.
  • I became more vocal. I’m learning to speak my feelings and to not only be honest with myself but also those around me. I have always been quiet and always held feelings and opinions to myself.
  • Communicating is SO important. I’m still learning how to communicate the right way.
  • Wine has become my best friend. I’m exploring red wines 🙂
  • It’s okay to feel how I feel about certain things. If I don’t agree, I don’t mind sharing.
  • Be honest with your friends. They’ll love you.
  • Be confident in yourself.
  • Whatever you consider is “living your best life” embrace that shit!
  • Do what makes you happy. I don’t care if it’s collecting magazines or wearing black every day. Do that! Your joy and peace comes first. Don’t ever be ashamed of what interests you!
  • Don’t be embarrassed of mistakes that have happened in your life. Life is an experience and a process everything ain’t gonna be perfect.
  • Everybody problems ain’t my problems. I can’t and won’t be their problem solver.
  • My problems ain’t everybody else’s either.
  • Life is about growth. Keep glowing and growing.

All in all 2017 DON’T OWE ME A THANG!! I literally had a ball and I can’t wait to see what 2018 has for your girl!

Let’s chat… Let me know what 2017 taught you in the comments! I wanna know!! 🙂 Love yall!

Photos by: @lyvonafour (IG) I loved these photos so much and by far the best thing I did in 2017!

-Jas ❤

25 You Were Great… Hello 26!

Being a December baby can some times be bittersweet. It’s the last month of the year and it’s time to prepare for the upcoming year. As times goes by and it gets closer to my birthday, I never fail to wonder where in the hell did the time go!!! 2017 JUST got here and now its time for another year.

This year was my GOLDEN year aka my 25th and I can say I felt different. And that’s a good thing! I’m 26 today (whew!) I wanted to share a 25 things that I have learned about myself and life so far in these 20-somethings. I’m really an adult yall! LOL! Most of the time I’m in my own little world just being and thinking about a bunch of stuff. Before we get into this list I’m definitely toasting to a great year of fun, self-evaluation, trying to do things the best way I know how, taking risks, and love!

Let’s get into it… & these are in no particular order…

  1. As fast as times goes, especially in this adult world, NO NEED IN WAITING TO START ANYTHING. I don’t care if it’s small or big. WE have to take those necessary steps into creating the life WE want to have. Got to start somewhere.
  2. HONESTY. I’m on the road to always being honest. Honest with myself, my friends, co-workers, etc. Honest in truth not to belittle or shame.
  3. LIVE MY BEST LIFE. These four words have been circling everywhere I know, but really think about those words. I want to make sure I’m not leaving this earth empty. I want to truly leave this earth knowing that I got the chance to travel, take risks, laughed, loved, and lived the way I wanted to. Whatever your definition is of to live, make that happen.
  5. I’m still figuring life out. And to be honest, I’m just NOW getting on the path of KINDA figuring out my plan. I’m not ashamed.
  6. I’m a hopeless romantic. I just love love and relationships. It is what it is.
  7. I’m longer missing out on opportunities or things I enjoy. Even if I have to go by myself.
  8. YouTube vlogs makes me happy and keeps me sane. (hint hint)
  9. Make those mistakes. Chile foreva foreva we will make mistakes. Learn and grow from them.
  10. Talk to people and learn from them and vice versa. Please PLEASE don’t be ashamed of your life story.
  11. Leave that comfort zone.
  12. Do the best I can. Nothing will ever be perfect. I feel that as long as awareness and progress are happening I’m good.
  13. What is important to me I will be very passionate about. Whatever is important to you trust me, you will go hard for it.
  14. Grow into having healthy discussions and disagreements. I’m not always right, somebody have already experienced what you’re going through, listen and be open, disagreements aren’t always bad. Healthy and grown discussions show maturity.
  15. Relationships and friendships can be rekindled.
  16. My friends are the shit. Point. Blank. Period.
  17. Laugh at yourself. You’ll find out how silly you are.
  18. I’m still young and can do WHATEVER I want without an explanation.
  19. Black is SO BEAUTIFUL. I have never felt so comfortable in my skin until now.
  20. To travel is to experience the culture and not always to “spend a check.”
  21. Don’t let people stress you.
  23. Surround yourself with positive energy. Always.
  24. Being respectful and having manners are more than important. Speak to people.
  25. Love Yourself, all ways, ALWAYS. Word from Alex Elle.

I could literally go on and on… LOL! 25 has truly taught me ALOT and has had me thinking about not only my present but my future as well. I haven’t always seen life as “you can do whatever you want to do” until NOW! I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. This is a gem. Life can be as hard or as free.. choose the route you want to take. I’m choosing free and everything I want it to be. Let’s not leave this earth on empty and not fulfilling our desires.

Cheers to 26!




I Cut My Hair Because…

…I wanted to. 🙂

“OMG! You cut your hair!!” and “Why did you cut your hair?” These were the two main reactions from people after I chopped all of  my hair off. The crazy part about it is that this isn’t my first time doing it. My very first hair cut was my Senior year of high school back in 2010. I remember the day like yesterday. I was a relaxed gal back then. For some reason I wanted to get a cute short cut… and I did. I walked into Senior Installation Day like a super star baby. This was my first ever doing something drastic like that so I was really feeling myself. Ladies, yall know we get when we get that new new.

Fast forward to August 2012 when it officially went down. I did the big chop and went natural. I decided to just big chop because I didn’t want to play around with two textures. But, this is another blog post I’ll chat about. 🙂 That time was very different and shocking for me, but this time I feel different with my short hair. I’ve always wanted to go back to short hair but was stuck in between which short style would look good on me and just growing my natural as long as it could get. Truthfully, at times my hair just wouldn’t cooperate with your girl. I kept telling myself to let it grow, but deep down I knew I wanted my hair cut OFF! We battle back and forth with our hair, it’s crazy! lol!

I kept mentioning to my friends that I was gonna cut my hair off again but never did. I knew I would just didn’t know when.

August is my Naturalversary month and this past August marked my 5th year being natural. In July, I wanted to do a protective style so I decided to get crochet. I loved them but I started to get tired of them very quickly and couldn’t wait to take them OUT! I believe I could have been strolling on Instagram or Pinterest looking at cuts when I told myself that I’m cutting my hair when I take the crochet out. Saturday, August 26, roll around and I decided to cut my hair that day. I texted my best friend like, “girl I need a favor…. cut my hair!”

I felt a way back in 2012 when I first big chopped but I really didn’t cherish my TWA. I just cut it for it to grow back in a healthier state. Now, I actually feel GOOD with my short hair. I believe I was made for a short cut..yass!! I finally did something that I truly wanted to do for myself. No shame about it. Yes, I plan to keep my hair short for a longgg time! To think about it a little deeper, this is a nice step and mindset to go about whenever we decide to do anything for ourselves. No shame about it. Do you what you need to do for YOU!

-Jas ❤



#BLOGGERSNIGHTOUT w/ Magic City Fashion Week & TheVicStyles

Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to attend the Bloggers Night Out event hosted by Magic City Fashion Week and with the amazing Victoria Sanders aka @thevicstyles. When I first saw this advertisement, I could not miss this! Reason one being because of Vic and her wisdom as a blogger and reason two because it is imperative for me to attend events like this to not only become a great blogger but to also surround myself with bloggers and their expertise.

I’m no fashion girl, so my main reason in being there was to connect with other bloggers, learn some do’s and don’ts of blogging, and to simply gain as much knowledge as I could from someone who is not only doing it, but is successful in it. I wanted to know how Vic began her journey, how to become successful in the blogging world, and receive straight honesty about that life. You know what she did? Delivered. Vic dropped so many gems that I almost couldn’t keep up.

For some odd reason, I always become timid when someone asks me about my blog and where I want it to go or why I am blogging. That “why” always get me. Even when I know deep down I’m using it as a platform to truly inspire someone in this world. But, my words don’t exemplify that. It shows lack of confidence in my blog. If I am unsure of it, why should someone else take me seriously? Yall, that resonated with me all night.

Here are a few things I left with from Vic:

  1. Always surround yourself with likeminded, creative people. We must feed our soul that will help and energize our minds. Get around those who have common interests as you. In her words, “create a bubble for yourself.” It’s important to keep those who inspire you around, always.
  2. Practice like you want your blog to be a career. She asked me was my blog a hobby or a career and I responded with both. It can’t be both. Why not? Because if I keep calling it my hobby, that’s all it will be. I won’t ever have the mindset to invest in it to become a career. What you speak into it will manifest.
  3.  Being a blogger is hard work. Do not let the pretty, swaggy pictures, likes, followers and quotes fool you. You must have a purpose. You must be consistent. You must do some work for FREE!
  4. Just be you. So simple yet so hard. Being simply yourself will attract more than you may ever imagine.

I left feeling inspired and refreshed from being around people who share a common interest. Being that little ole Birmingham is a little behind with these type of events I am super happy that the guys of MCFW created this event!

Yes, I’m In MY Feelings

Let’s flashback to 16-year-old Jasmine yearning to be grown and doing adult things; clubbing, drinking, engaging in “grown” folk talk, and everything in between. I made sure I had my life planned out the way I envisioned it to be and was very determined to achieve those life goals. I just knew I would be married by 25, kids by 28 and making major coin by 30…ha! Look at how life works. Currently 25 and am nowhere near the life I created way back when. To be honest, I’m in my feelings.

For a few weeks my mind has really been all over the place thinking about what I really want to do with my life to my love life to finances to friendships. As much as I try to reassure myself and to be patient, it’s hard! It’s hard, but it’s okay to let some feelings out. Honestly, it’s a great relief.

My ladies, I know we keep a guard up to prevent being judged by folk. Too many of us are always on our “I don’t have feelings” train when deep down we have SO much built up inside and want to talk to somebody that’ll listen. When did being vulnerable become taboo? Some times that “strong black woman” title has to be let down to heal ourselves. We can only be “strong” for so long.

So, you’re probably wondering where I’m going with this or where did this come about? I am very positive that like my friends and I, you, too have sensitive conversations with your best friends about life, love and above. Although we may have those conversations, there are some small parts of us that can be feel uncomfortable addressing certain situations and battles with ourselves. I am really here to encourage you to let that guard down some time and be open and vulnerable. Now, you don’t have to run and tell every piece of your business to everyone, but if you’re feeling a way let. it. out. Coming to this point does have a lot to do with growth, character and mindset. Not everyone is out to judge you for who YOU are.

I want to be at a point where I speak my feelings confidently. I want to make addressing feelings normal and okay. Everyone needs a listening ear without judgment. Nobody’s perfect, clichĂ©, but true. Be vulnerable. Be open. Let those feelings out. BE YOU!

-Jas ❤


True Beauty Lies Within You

There’s always a little fear inside of us to be who we really are. Times where we fake perfect to be liked, wear certain clothing to be noticed, or simply give ourselves up to fit in with everybody else. I’m here to say true beauty lies within YOU.

What is beauty?

Y’all, it has taken me 25 years to truly understand myself wholeheartedly, but I’m still learning because it is a process. I’ve learned how much I love simplicity. I’ve fallen in love more with myself being in my natural state. Don’t get me wrong I love to dress up and put makeup on when needed, but I’d rather be chill every day. In the social media world where trends are popping, makeup is popping, and if you aren’t hip to it then you’re not popping lol. Oh please. Don’t let it overwhelm or make you feel like to have to do what every other person is doing to fulfill your happiness.

My definition of beauty is loving my imperfections and embracing them no matter what. Beauty is love and confidence.  So, I decided to take a few photos in my natural state. I wanted to to be calm and free without having a “beat face.” Some times we never appreciate the simple things. I wanted to feel the grass between my toes and have the wind blow onto my scalp and not worry about being “perfect.”

Let’s point out the things I used to struggle with that I’m proud of now: big lips, chubby cheeks, gap, slow growing hair ( still struggling lol) just to name a few. I’ve grown to love my imperfections over time and it’s crazy to me because I always wanted to have straight, no gap teeth, that nice shape, smaller lips and so on. I always compared myself because I thought those changes would make me beautiful. Nah, I’ll pass on that because my features are perfect for me. I wouldn’t be Jasmine without them.

At the end of the day, do you boo and let no one make you feel bad about what you prefer for yourself. Before I leave, I want to encourage yall to look at yourself in the natural state and see how beautiful you are and to take heed of the simple things.

-Jasmine ❤