My Black Girl Magic Influencers

Black. Girl. Magic. Three words that are POPPING and I’m loving it! It took me entirely TOO long to realize how powerful we are and how we can be a force to be reckoned with in this world. I’m just excited to witness everything #BlackGirlMagic new school and old school. I say old school because women like Erykah Badu and India.Arie have always been comfortable in their skin, taught us to love ourselves, and to never give up on our dreams. With this being said, read along to see who has influenced me to never dim my #BlackGirlMagic light.

In no particular order, I proceed….

Queen Erykah Badu

The past few days I have been on a Badu high. I have been listening to the Baduizm album from beginning to end with zero skips. I have always admired and loved Badu, but never did I sit back and listen to the words of her songs, her demeanor, or her creativity to understand the messages she gave to us. When her songs came out when I was younger, of course I jammed to beat and bypassed the actual meaning behind them. I have so much respect for her staying true to herself and never folding in the entertainment business. We all know it’s harder for “us” in any career. In Baduizm she teaches us about finding and leaving love, friendships, not settling and conforming to others, and being yourself always. This woman is bold, free, and believes in herself. For being that, I love her!

Queen India.Arie

Ohhhh India, my girl!! Like Badu, I remember growing up listening to her music and enjoying it, but still missing the messages. AH! This girl told us to love our brown skin, embrace our nappy hair, and even told us she wasn’t the average video girl. Although not knowing anything about the music industry I do know that is definitely hard being your true self and having to “fake” it most of the time. I decided to revisit her albums: Voyage to India and Acoustic Soul to experience her thoughts. I love how she spoke about simplicity of life, love, being comfortable in your skin, peace, and God. We can get so caught up in “stuff” and the glam that we forget ourselves. I thank her for remaining herself and embracing her Black.

“One of the things that I’ve worked my way out of doing, and I knew I need to, was comparing myself to other people. It all of a sudden determines even clothes you’re going to wear that day or what you’re going to do with the music production or how you’re going to sequence it. It poisons everything. Your real job in the world is to be you. Comparing yourself to other people, I think that hurt me more than anything. Allowing myself to go there so much in my head hurt me.”

“Your self-worth is your job. It’s your sacred space to cultivate cause there’s always going to be somebody who comes along and says you’re not thin enough or your hair’s not ‘that’ enough or your voice’s not high enough, you’re not going to make it in the music industry because you don’t sound like all the others. There always has to be somebody who comes along and says something like that but if you remind yourself that they’re wrong because you know your own path. And one of the things I do know after all the healing work I’ve done is I sit in my journal or meditation time what would I do about this thing, whatever it is– sometimes I think its an opportunity I’m not ready for — sometimes it’s somebody telling I can’t or I’m not worthy — and I sit in my private space and I say, I really just play it all out — I can visualize it or I can write it — and I say… What would I do if I knew I was 100% of this? What would I do?


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Queen Myleik Teele

On the business side of #BlackGirlMagic, I put boss woman Myleik on the list because she is doing it! She is an example of staying true to your dreams, building your brand and knowing what YOU want to achieve and watch it manifest, with hard work of course. I first discovered Myleik about three years ago from her hair subscription line, CurlBOX. I began to follow her social media platforms and now listening to her podcast as she gives her best advice on entrepreneurship, relationships, interviews other successful entrepreneurs as well as sharing her journey . Her boldness, her honesty, and serve mentality are what keeps me drawn to her. Let me tell you all, she makes sure to drop gems on us women who are seeking entrepreneurship. Most of us weren’t raised in the atmosphere of chasing dreams or making a change to better our lifestyle. She didn’t have a blueprint to this life, but she hustled and worked hard to live the life she dreamed of. She is definitely using her platform and gifts for more #BlackGirlMagic to be made.

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Queen Beyoncé

This woman is the epitome of hard work, passion, dedication, drive, love, and family. What I love more about Bey is her privacy. She reveals her life on her time and is respected for that. Growing up to Destiny’s Child was so much fun for me and my cousins as we all pretended to be one of the girls. Back then they taught us things about love, men (in good and bad ways) lol, being true to your friends, heartbreak, etc. It’s amazing how we sung those songs with our heart and missed lessons!! Today, I am super grateful for her days in DC and as a solo artist. What makes Bey stand out to me is how deep and creative she can go with her music to tell stories. They make us think and inspire us to go back and learn about our history. Little did I know she has always been family oriented and raised to love her Black. Thanks Mrs. Tina! Nonetheless, no one can deny her art, entertainment and lessons she delivers. She inspires me to keep going, to never give up, and work hard for what I want. No idea is crazy. I’ll forever be a fan!

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Queen Solange

Mrs. Tina truly hit us with another gem with this girl here. My love for her began with her song “Losing You” way back when. Still then I didn’t realize how different and motivational she was. Solo was one of my inspirations to rock a short hair cut with my natural hair. Her with a buzz cut was my favorite next to Chrisette Michele. In a world full of women trying to be “perfect,” she has always been her true self. When I say true self, I mean she does not have to fake her life to be make it. There are girls out here, like myself, who once wanted to make sure to be pleasing to others. Always thinking about what other people will approve of instead of being your true, inner self. Solo is confident, vibrant, creative, talented and is very unapologetic when it comes to her life. I believe we should always strive to be that way. Of course when she released ‘A Seat at the Table’ I grew to love her more! She has inspired me to move at my own beat, remain confident in myself, and to just be me.

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There are many other Black, powerful women that I look up to besides these few, but I just decided to recognize them. As I continue to grow and become wiser, I am recognizing that I am great! Black women are powerful, we are beautiful and we don’t have to conform to this world that strives to downplay our abilities. Each and every day let’s spread some #BlackGirlMagic!

& Remember, Love yoself girl or nobody will!

-Jasmine ♥



The Power of “No”

The word ‘no’ is such a character word. It’s funny because no one likes or want to hear that “horrible” word. *eye roll* Well, truth be told, I NEVER wanted to be told no or to tell anyone, especially my friends that word. I always wondered why can’t every answer be ‘yes’…ugh. However, that horrible word is so necessary.

Friends, why is it so hard for us to just say no? From a personal perspective, saying no is hard because we are comfortable, want to pleasers and have not grown yet to understand the power of no. People around us are always in expectation of great answers. Better yet, they fear rejection and we do too. “ARE YOU TELLING ME NO?!?” When I hear no, I may think I did something wrong and feel a need of explanation, or when I get turned down from a job, or my friends not participating, etc. That word just hurts. At some point as adults we must appreciate the ‘no’ and keep it moving. As we become wiser and more mature, the understanding of ‘no’ determines the mindset.

Now, I have to say no. I can’t always participate in activities knowing that I’m broke, I can’t help you when you’re aren’t trying to change or help yourself, I can’t always agree with you. Chile the list goes on! I believe in getting serious with yourself and standing firm on the decisions you make. Whether family or friends, they should understand your ‘no’ when you’re trying to become a better version of yourself. In my mind, once the people around you understand the why then they’ll want to get themselves together. For the sake of your happiness and peace, do it for yourself. 2017 and beyond I don’t want to feel obligated to say yes just to please others and down the line have resentment. Let’s be honest, we all know at the time of the proposal, that we may or may not be interested.

Let me remind you all, when I say you, I’m speaking to and reminding myself as well. I am constantly reminding myself that ‘no’ isn’t bad at all. Let’s not become yes-mens, or should I say yes-womens lol!

-Jasmine ♥


What Have You Done For Your Dream Today?

My friends!!! My dreams, goals, and taking action have been on my mind and heart HEAVILY since 2017 began. As we all know the cliché saying, “we shouldn’t have to wait until a new year to start what it is that we want to accomplish.” True, but time is everything. Mind you, I haven’t always been the go-getter girl. Truth be told I was always the follower and the girl who could never see myself accomplish a lot of things. I dreamed, but that’s it. Never did I put any action towards learning about, researching, or creating a plan to achieve what I had been dreaming about. If I never believed the saying, “it’s easier said than done,” in my younger years, I sure believe it now. WE CAN BE ALL TALK!

As my wisdom progresses, the walk into achieving those dreams starts with preparation. A draft. As long as we start, we are putting action behind our talk. The projects will never be perfect. That’s the beauty of growth and never giving up. We truly have to start somewhere.

So, let’s talk about some ways to put our thoughts and plans into action. We all need that motivation to put one foot forward to START.

Oh wait, I want to mention how I had a life switch after turning the BIG 2-5 lol! Yes, after being twenty-five for two months so far, I have truly taken heed on what matters most and turned my focus on bettering myself, my life and my future. I am working to better my finances, learning more about what I want to do with my life, surrounding myself around positive people and things, learning more, reading more and taking risks. Being uncomfortable. This blog is uncomfortable for me because I’m always the “quiet” girl of the crew. Yes, it’s true! But honestly, I have plenty of thoughts and things to say, per usual. Now back to the plan of action! 🙂

So far in 2017, I have made a few small victories:

  • Creating this blog
  • Partnering with my line sister and friend on projects (coming soon)
  • Growing in God more
  • Writing and talking more (This is huge for me because doing them will allow me to become more comfortable with speaking and writing while getting better at it)
  • Creating business emails (Because I will be an entrepreneur)
  • Listening to and following those lady entrepreneurs who are already doing it BIG!
  • Visualizing myself in achieving those dreams (In order to believe in it, we must VISUALIZE ourselves doing it)

I am now truly believing in listening to podcasts of women bosses and entrepreneurs to hear how they started and became successful in doing what they love. To get closer to accomplishing our dreams and passions, I would suggest doing these few things:

  • Follow, listen to, research and take notes from people who are already successful in what you want to do.
  • If podcast are your thing or not, still take a listen at one. You will be surprised how beneficial those can be (I’m currently listening to Myleik and Black Girl Boss Podcast.) THESE WOMEN WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE LADIES!!
  • Write down every idea that comes to mind. Crazy and all. Honestly, no idea is crazy.
  • Tell your friends or the person you feel comfy with your idea because they may be able to help or know someone that can help. Oh, and that person can become your accountability partner.
  • Stay working. By this I mean, start and always create social media pages, create a logo, create emails, etc. Do anything to get started that will keep you motivated to keep going.
  • Learn yourself and what works for you. Everyone is different. Try not to compare your style of work to others.

We must begin. Just start. Remember, it’s okay start with draft. A draft can be adjusted into a masterpiece. We need to be critiqued, we need to scared, we need to step out on faith with our dreams.

-Jasmine ♥