You Need ‘Me’ Time

Friends, ‘ME’ time is TRULY important. Everyone deserves peace, a mental break, and quiet time.

While sitting in my car on my lunch break, I relax and take in this one hour piece of peace, my peace. If you haven’t noticed, we are constantly on the move. Whether it’s at the job, home or just out enjoying the day. We are ALWAYS moving in some type of way and never tell ourselves to sit down and get a peace of mind. Now, I’m no expert on health, but when it comes to my ‘me’ time, I am pretty selfish with it. Below I will list a few things that I do to get some ‘me’ time in.

  1. Listen to calming music (I prefer smooth R&B all day, every day lol)
  2. Go to a quiet area (car, empty room at home, etc.)
  3. Watch YouTube videos (yes, I can laugh, smile and get my life with vlogs)
  4. In complete darkness (this may be weird, but try it! Imagine yourself in your room or specific area with everything off and in complete quietness and darkness.. the best feeling)
  5. Starbucks date with myself (Although this may not be ideal for some, but the music and the aroma does me just fine)

These are just a few things that I do to rest my mind and relax a bit whenever I feel that I’m doing too much. I constantly need ‘me time’ lol! It could be the introvert in me. Some days you need to renergize and step away. 🙂

So, I’m curious. What are some things you do to get that ‘me’ time in?


Welcome to HeyMissClark!

Welcome to HeyMissClark! Well friends, we have made it to 2017!!!!! I want to welcome you all to my very blog… ahhhh!!! If you haven’t read the ‘About Me’ section yet, I briefly stated that I plan to give you all natural hair advice, talk about my past life experiences, have a little girl chat, just to name a few. I am planning to use this blog to inspire someone in this huge world. I have been encouraged by so many beautiful women with their words and I truly believe that I may be an inspiration as well.

This is my JUMP moment. You may ask what’s a JUMP moment? If you haven’t heard or seen the video of Steve Harvey explaining it, here it is. ( There are SO many things we want to achieve, but are afraid to step out and DO them. We are afraid of what others may think, we are afraid of failure, we are afraid of it not being successful, and bypass the thought that it may just change our lives. We just have to try and go for it. So, here I am… going for it!

Let’s experience this journey together. The ups, the downs, the failures, the mistakes. Because without those, we can’t become better at what we do. I am here to spread love, laughter, inspiration and magic!!!!!

Don’t forget, “Life opens up when YOU do!” – PatrickStarrr

-Jasmine ♥